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Monday, 05 September 2011 00:00

Toni Francesc SS 2012 Collection: “Seekers”

Written by Stephanie Turcios

Photographs Courtesy Of Toni Francesc

As summer is winding down, Spring/Summer collections are parading on runways all over the world. Barcelona got a head start with their 080 Barcelona Fashion Week in mid-July. Barcelona native, Toni Francesc, shared a monumental moment by showing for the very first time in his city and at a historic site nonetheless, The University of Barcelona.

Toni Francesc’s collections have always captured the romantic essence of a woman. His SS 2012 collection is no different as it offers the same concept but of course, with a new twist. Named “Seekers”, one would imagine that this collection revolves around constant movement. Indeed, “Seekers” was inspired by the nomadic movement of humans and their constant quest of finding a sense of identity in the midst of different cultures (think of the USA and it’s melting pot of cultures). The collection revolves around earthy tones, the incorporation of materials found in nature (think stones as buttons), asymmetry as a mirror of the shapes in nature and movement through fabric and capes. The pieces that stood out the most to me were those giving the illusion of a half-skirt and half-pants in the same piece and those exuberating movement with the trails of sheer fabric and draping.


Toni Francesc will not be showing his SS 2012 collection in New York during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in September, but we got a chance to chat with him about the collection, his new venture in Barcelona, and what he has planned in the future:

PJC: What brought you to the idea of focusing your Spring/Summer 2012 collection on earth and our quest for freedom?

TF: I have been thinking since long about the idea of human migratory movements and the need to survive [in] a wild environment. The quest for freedom and sense of identity are merged with the aesthetics of different cultures. My collection, “Seekers”, is inspired by nomadic people related to earth and wind as basic elements are the basis of this collection: earth being the place to live and seek the path of their journey, and wind in a metaphorical sense of freedom and mobility.

PJC: I admire your use of asymmetry, especially with the dresses and the skirt lengths. It almost gives an illusion of a half-pants and half-skirt piece. How did you come up with that idea? Who do you see wearing that and in what setting?

TF: Thank you, the idea comes from the wish of constructing pieces with his own movement, suggesting two different visions of the same piece: first one being static and the second a moving vision suggesting the piece modeled on a catwalk. Half-pants and half-skirts, half-jacket dresses, half-dress vests; miscegenation and cultural fusion were born from the investigation of constant movement in each pattern. I think this idea is perfect for an active and nonconformist woman. I had in mind the singer Björk when I read your question.

PJC: It was your first time showing at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week–how was that experience?

TF: I was really excited having my first runway show at home. I wanted to give my support to the fashion design in Barcelona, and help 080 Barcelona Fashion to be covered by international press. It was a great experience, I never had the opportunity before to have my show at a historic stage, the site of the University of Barcelona. I enjoyed every minute of the show in such a beautiful place, with all my family there. I always get excited when I remember that day. Barcelona is really strong about fashion design, and I want to support my hometown.

PJC: Your first store is set to open in September 2011–has the opening date been set? How do you feel about having your headquarters in Barcelona? Should we be expecting a store in the United States in the near future?

TF: The store will open in September, but the official opening party for press, customers and friends will be in October, after the main fashion weeks calendar. As usual, I will present “Seekers” in Mercedes Benz Fashion [Week] México around [the] end [of] September. After having experience with my first own store in Barcelona, I [will] think of opening in other cities, for instance NY or México DF, but step by step. We must work and ensure the success of our store in Barcelona, and afterwards eveything is possible. I am enthusiastic and eager to return to [the] USA as soon as possible.

PJC: It may be too early to ask, but do you plan on showing at any other Fashion Weeks within the next year?

TF: Yes, it is too early to confirm NY or Barcelona. But for sure I will be in México. Whenever I am able to develop two collections per season, then I will think about presenting both in Barcelona and NY.

PJC: Can you give us a preview on what we should expect for your Fall 2012 collection?

TF: Again, it is too early to answer your question. We are at an experimental stage, working on some subjects, but nothing [is] decided up to now.

PJC wishes Toni Francesc the best of luck on his store opening. We hope to see a store in the USA in the near future!

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