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Viernes 09 de Marzo de 2012 00:00

'Seekers' Spring-Summer 2012 collection by Toni Francesc

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Seekers is inspired by the migratory movements and the need to survive at wild environment. The quest for freedom and sense of identity are merged with the aesthetics of different cultures.

Nomadic people related to earth and wind as basic elements are the basis of this collection: earth being the place to live and seek the path of their journey, and wind in a metaphorical sense of freedom and mobility.

Materials merge to create garments where the fabrics provide a sense of protection and also weathering by erosion.

The colors are earthy and yellow like sand and stones, or red and blue as the sky. Silhouettes are broad, overlapping and asymmetrically constructed to imitate shapes of nature to get an effect of protection and feeling good.

Seekers is an allegory of humanity, who lives in search of livelihood and the need to be constantly on the move.
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