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Tuesday, 03 August 2010 02:02
Spring-Summer 2010 collection
The collection is inspired by the poetry of water.
Water is life and consciousness, and its states create parallels with our moods.
It changes and moves, contains and is contained; it is surface and substance - everything affects the state of liquids.
Water provides drama, sadness and meditation at particular times of our lives.
The power of reflection shows us a divided world – it is the strength of imagination debating between yes and no. These reflections give shape to feelings through the creation of the garments, highlighting organic shapes from nature.
The line of the horizon is a melancholy, visual challenge, in which feelings are recorded on the seashore, like marks that disappear with the flow of marine currents.
If we move away from the aesthetic and artistic view of water, a range of bluish shades appears contrasted with mauves, showing the way water shines with rays of light.
Khaki, sandy shades come from lakes and ponds, and whites, greys and blacks show the colourless quality of water.
Vaporous materials, like silk, worked based on pleats, draping an superimposition, sketch the enveloping silhouette of a dreamy, sophisticated woman.
By contrast, rigid materials, like cotton, are handled with clean, simple cuts highlighting the female body.
Using details and refined pattern work, they are garments for a sophisticated, sober woman who likes to take risks.

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