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Tuesday, 03 August 2010 02:01
Fall-Winter 2098-2010 collection
"Contemplación, a nature vision under unrealistic environments and latent landscapes, by means of inspiration in contemporary photography and the reinterpretation of surrealism.
Objects are isolated from their context, to recover the essential and thus can acquire individuality and a fixed stare. 
Intends to return to nature its contemplative and reflective value of the past.
The search of what is unaccessible, to transform the everyday into a dream and create ambiguous atmospheres where hot and cold environments get mixed, also male with female elements, unreal nature immersed in a state of contemplation.
A escape to a metaphysical state of our personal visions, entering into the depths of the soul.The color palette is inspired by night landscapes, reflected by moonlight, and providing innovation in organic and technological materials, together with different texture and brightness, both contrasted and mixed together.
A constant search for renewal, the collection highlights details, achieving a full and avant-garde image.High value of structural elements through testing in patterns, intended to enhance specific areas of the body and thus give them a greater value, promoting a reflective view... Contemplación. "

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