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dimarts, 17 de juliol de 2012 00:00

Toni Francesc in 080 Barcelona Fashion

Toni Francesc GYPSUM(Article al seu idioma original)

by Artaud CHARLES
Toni Francesc presented his first collection at the Mexico Fashion Week and at the Bread & Butter fair in 2007 with a notably fresh dynamic style and very functional garments designed with the sophisticated modern urban woman in mind.
Toni seeks his inspiration in the everyday and transforms and interprets what he sees thereafter in his studio, giving rise to such very personal collections as “Sentiments” or “Water’s Mood”.
Toni bases his work on experimenting with everything from textiles to patterns and his style is marked by sober colors and daring volumes which nonetheless enhance the most feminine in a woman.
His collections are currently exhibited at fashion shows in Mexico and Barcelona and he has exhibited in New York, Madrid and Moscow.

The collection takes its inspiration from crystals and stones, combining functional design with the natural sensuality of the woman giving each piece and fabric a structural treatment like that found in gypsum in its mineral form.
In its range of colors, the collection incorporates a play of transparency and translucence with luminous colors inspired by crystals such as selenite and alabaster in green and orange hues, which integrate with other more opaque colors, in a quest for a more solid and architectural feel, the colors of cement and gypsum.The fabrics used are sheer: Tencel and silk or those built like technical fabrics and cottons, wools, linens and organzas. For this Spring- Summer 2013 collection, the Toni Francesc woman appears strong and balanced as well as fragile and sensual.

Address: Carrer de Juli Galve Brusson 9-11
08918 Badalona (Barcelona), Espanya
+34 616 939 307
+34 93 399 59 42
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