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dimarts, 17 de juliol de 2012 00:00

Toni Francesc 2013 Collection: GYPSUM

Toni Francesc GYPSUM(Article al seu idioma original)

Palau de Pedralbes is the scenery chosen by 080 Barcelona Fashion to present Toni Francesc's "Gypsum", his newest collection for Spring Summer 2013.

This collection is inspired by crystals and stones that connect the functional design together with natural woman sensuality providing a constructive treatment of each piece and fabric, looking like plaster in its mineral state. It's about the search for clean lines and geometric shapes that fit the body and merge it with the materials showing the balance, fluidity and feminine style.

In the chromatic range the collection includes a set of transparencies and translucent with bright colors, which are inspired by crystals as selenite and alabaster with shades of green, blue and orange that get integrated with some other opaque and dusty colors, looking for a stronger and architectural feeling, plaster and cement colors.

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