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dimecres, 1 de febrer de 2012 00:00

Fashion Feature: Toni Francesc Fall 2012 "Aeternus"

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In previous seasons when Spanish designer Toni Francesc showed his collection during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, his artfully produced shows were a major attraction of the week,


creating huge buzz for the designer. Creativity, exquisite construction, and an astounding ability to create a dream like scene that was nothing short of true fashion theater all played a part in the designer's popularity in New York.

For the past few seasons, the designer made the move back to his hometown of Barcelona to participate in one of Spain's biggest fashion weeks. This move although great for Barcelona, is definitely a loss for New York.

That loss was painfully clear earlier this week when Francesc unveiled his breath-takingly beautiful Fall 2012 collection titled "Aeternus"as part of Barcelona Fashion Week.

Set to a soundtrack by Samantha de Siena, the collection featured all of the flawless construction, and sumptuous fabrications for which Francesc is known, but with a fresh take on shape and silhouette. Military style bloomers, asymmetrical jackets, and narrow skirts were all amplified through luxe touches such as leather accents and rabbit hair details.

A soft palette of blacks and greys with touches of rust, caramel and subdued forest greens made for a visually serene landscape that was both soothing and a refreshing departure from the color-soaked collections of past seasons.

The Toni Francesc Fall 2011 collection will be available world wide via Net-Trendy. For more information please visit the designer's official web home.

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